How are the signals determined?

Our experienced team provides the signals. Our lead trader has put tens of thousands of hours into trading and understands the DNA of bitcoin in-depth.

You just receive a push-notifications or trade alert whenever there is a market opportunity.

Our signals are based on specific objective trading strategies. We analyze and have alerts going 24/7 to stay aware of opportunities. Since we map out all potential scenarios we know exactly what we are looking for so we know when to buy/sell. Once we have confirmation to buy and sell you immediately receive the push notifications via prefered channel(s).

To do give you an insight, we’ve displayed a few laws, tools and theories bellow that help us determine where to buy and sell:

- Trendlines, trend continuation & reversals
- Volume, liquidity, open interest, supply & demand & volatility
- Support & resistance zones
- Pivots rejection & acceptance
- Harmonic Patterns
- Elliott Wave Theory combined with Fibonacci Theory
- And more…

You will receive a push notification via:

- Telegram
- Email


The product

What trading signals do I receive?

Our signals include short’s and longs. With or without leverage. We literally optimized our strategies to make the most out of every situation. We want to profit on all the market movement, with managed risks. Some of our signals only last hours or a day, but other signals can last days or even weeks. In this way you utilize the market movements in your advantage.

Do we only trade bitcoin?

95% percent of our signals concern Bitcoin since it’s more stable and predictable than the alternative cryptocurrencies (altcoins). Due to the larger market movement in the altcoin markets, more risk is brought to the table, causing your stop loss to be triggered more often.

Since managing risks is key in our strategies, we take advantage of opportunities when they arise on the altcoin markets. So, we still give a few big altcoin signals every few weeks or months when the opportunities are there and fully approved by our trading experts.

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